Books (Coming Soon!)

“The Fast"

After hearing a life changing sermon from Bishop T.D. Jakes, she was urged to go on a 21 day fast, where through obedience, she wrote a book explaining 21 Miracles that took place in her life, in a biographical story of the last 7 years of her life. At the end of the book, God began to share future blessings/prophesies that were going to soon take place. She wrote down everything that God told her at the end of the book. God’s prophesies included ownership of land, being in charge of several celebrities, and having a lot of power and responsibility. Carlena had no idea how all this would come about, but she gladly completed the book looking forward to what had been told. Soon after finishing the book, God told her to go to Los Angeles where her entire life turned upside down with her obtaining an inheritance to a percentage of the rights to the 'Good Times', the popular TV series. Turned out the brand had never been claimed after her father, the late Mike Evans died.

"The Journey"

"The Journey" is the strenuous journey that she took as she left her job, her home, and even her son, and drove across country with the last of her belongings to fight for the rebuilding of the brand, by way of initiating a movie deal with Sony/Columbia pictures. Evans documents every struggle she endured as she pressed on to pursue everything that God told her would happen, documented in “The Fast.”

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