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Major Motion Film Executive Producer, CEO/President of Kidsplosion Ent./Nation, and mother to an amazing son, Ms. Evans is without a doubt a visionary with extraordinary purpose! Ms. Evans' desire is for all youth and adults to realize that nothing is impossible, for her life is a living example of it. It is this mandatory mindset that has catapulted Carlena to walk on water and move mountains that most others couldn't.

Defying the odds of being a single mother, Carlena graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in English from Cheyney University in 2008 and was awarded her Master of Education (English Concentration) from University of Pittsburgh in 2010.

In 2009, without knowing anyone, Ms. Evans and her 3 year old son loaded up a moving truck and moved to Atlanta, GA from Pennsylvania. Within months of being in Atlanta, Carlena birthed Kidsplosion Entertainment, a multifaceted youth entertainment company geared toward urban youth. The following year came Kidsplosion Nation, a 501c3 that enables youth to Discover, Develop, and Display their talents. In the summer of 2011, Kidsplosion Nation partnered with the city of Riverdale, GA to begin facilitating "Kidsplosion Summer Camps" for the city. By the following summer, the camp had quadrupled in size, and continues to multiply each year.

As Kidsplosion flourished, Carlena worked as an English Instructor at ITT Technical institute until October 2011 when she received a direct order from God, to go to LA. Trusting fully in God, Carlena ended her tenure with ITT tech and obeyed, not a clue what to expect. While there, Carlena stumbled on the discovery that her father, the late-great Mike Evans (Lionel on All in the Family, the Jeffersons /Co-writer of Good Times Sitcom) had never claimed his portion of the Good Times brand. Carlena quickly knew what she had to do and began to make multiple sacrifices to ensure the brand was not only clamied, but rebuilt and flourishing. Of course, this didn't come to fruition within one trip. Ms. Evans tirelessly traveled back and forth to LA with no financial backing and no industry resources. Carlena knew she had a mandate and a blood given responsibility to continue.

There were countless days and nights with no sleep, no secure place to rest her head, and no definite plan for what the next day beheld. Continuing to walk in an obedient spirit, despite the odds, Carlena pressed on eventually securing a movie deal with motion major picture company Sony/Columbia Pictures to produce a blockbuster Good Times movie.

Carlena has written three books in this amazing process of receiving her inheritance. The first book is titled, "The Fast" outlines 21 miracles that have taken place in her life, proving that there is a God. The second book, "The Journey" is the strenuous journey that she took as she left her job, her home, and even her son, after claiming the Good Times brand. And "Lights, Camera, Action" outlines her rise to the top, as God granted her every promise He spoke (outlined in 'the Fast').

Carlena Evans has been recognized in several local and university publications for her outstanding achievements. Ms. Evans courageous spirit proves ready to project her voice to the people and to help all people. The Kidpslosion Brand, a concept comparable to the vastness of Disney, continues to explode with the beginning of Teensplosion, multiple summer camp locations, after school programs, radio shows, and television shows. "Kidsplosion does not belong to me, I could never think of anything so genius! Kidsplosion is GOD'S vision and I am honored daily to be used," says Ms. Evans.

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